Oakland County Children's Village Foundation
1200 N Telegraph Road
63 West
Pontiac, MI 48341


What is Oakland County Children’s Village?

Oakland County Children’s Village provides quality, innovative, comprehensive services to youth and families. Oakland County Children’s Village offer’s a safe, structured environment for youth that includes secure detention, residential treatment and shelter care services.

The Oakland County Children’s Village Foundation is a dedicated group of community leaders who volunteer their time and resources to promote and enhance Children’s Village. The Foundation Board of Directors have voting privileges and are active on various sub-committees, while the Oakland County Children’s Village Advisory Board members lend their names and considerable networking abilities for the enhancement of Children’s Village.



It is the mission of the Oakland County Children’s Village Foundation to generate and disburse financial support and other resources to Oakland County Children’s Village for projects including, but not limited, to those which promote, enrich, prevent, rehabilitate and offer educational support to Children’s Village residents, family and staff.

Upcoming Events

30th Annual

Friday, October 20, 2017 – 7:00 p.m. Orchard Lake Country Club

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