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Kroger Community Rewards Program

The Oakland County Children’s Village Foundation wishes to thank everyone who signed up for the Kroger Community Rewards Program and shopped at Kroger. Every time a registered member swipes their card at Kroger and makes a purchase, the Foundation earns money to support the kids at the Village. Since the inception of the program at the end of 2009, your support has earned the Foundation over $5,000.

It is now time to enroll or re-enroll for the Kroger Community Rewards (All participants must re-enroll for the program in order for the Foundation to continue to earn funds for the kids at Children’s Village during 2014). Even if you just signed up, you must sign up again starting April 1st to continue earning rewards during 2014.

It’s easy to enroll or re-enroll in Kroger Community Rewards.

Step by step instructions:

Go to

Click “Click here” to sign in if you were registered in the program last year.

  1. Enter your e-mail
  2. Enter your password – (If you forgot the password you set up please go thru the “Forgot your password”)
  3. Find the Children’s Village Foundation by typing in our NPO number which is 84437
  4. Click the “Children’s Village Foundation”
  5. Click the” Save Changes”


If you have never been a part of Kroger Community, or registered with the scan bar method last year scroll down to Michigan and click on “Enroll Now”.

  1. “Sign up today” (to the right – might need to scroll down a little)
  2. Enter your email and create a password
  3. Key in your Kroger Plus Card Number (If it says that this card has already been used, please call the number on the back of your card). The number should begin with a 4 – 12 digits.
  4. Enter your zip code and click “Search”
    Click on the arrow to display the list of stores in your zip code and highlight your preferred store, Click “Create Account”
  5. Kroger will send an email that you entered earlier in the process. (this can take up to 10 minutes)
    Open the email that Kroger sent. Read the email and either click on the link within the email or copy and paste it into your browser.
  6. Sign in with your user name and password.
  7. Under Kroger Community Rewards Section at right, click “Edit Kroger Community Rewards Information.”
  8. Find the “Children’s Village Foundation” by typing in our NPO number which is 84437
  9. Click on the “Children’s Village Foundation. Please make sure that you click on the circle to the left of the Children’s Village Foundation so that it becomes highlighted.
  10. Click on “Save Changes”
  11. Scroll over the page and make sure all information is accurate

You are now “registered”

If you have any problems with your password or issues during the enrollment or re-enrollment process, please call 1-800-KROGERS, press 5 for customer service, and 5 again for a service representative.

This program will not interfere with the Fuel Points Reward program.